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The most recent copy of the Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority Five Year Annual plan can be downloaded right here by clicking this link:  Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority Five Year Annual Plan

The health and safety of both our residents and employees is the primary goal of the LMHA. With that in mind, until further notice the Authority will be taking the following steps due to the Coronavirus:

1. All offices will be closed in an attempt to limit face to face interaction. The staff will still be working, if you need to contact us you can do so by calling 716-823-2551 or 716-348-3783.

2. All payments, re-certification papers, and any other paperwork should be left in the Dropbox (please make sure your phone number is listed on anything you hand in). Any receipts or copies of pay stubs will be mailed back to you.

3. Maintenance staff will only be going into your apartment for emergency situations. When the staff is in your apartment we ask you to practice “social distancing”. You should stay at least 6 feet away from maintenance workers at all times.

We ask that you visit the following website for tips on how you can help protect yourself and others from contracting the Coronavirus.


Due to the seriousness of the Coronavirus and the risk that many of the tenants in
the building face, the LMHA is taking the following steps to ensure your health
and safety. Until further notice:

1. The community room will be closed.

2. All public bathrooms will be closed.

3. Residents should only be allowing essential visitors inside the building
(nurses aids, meals on wheels, etc). There should be no kids, other family
members, or friends allowed in the building unless it is essential to your

4. Tenants should not be congregating in the mail room or outside the building
under any circumstances. We all should be practicing “social distancing”
and should stay at least 6 feet away from each other at all times.
On Tuesday, March 17th the Housing Authority has hired a company to come in
and do a “deep cleaning” of all common areas. This is a very serious situation and
we will do our best to keep every safe and healthy, however we need your help.

Basketball Court Renovations

The renovations of both the Baker Homes and Glover Gardens Basketball Courts are now complete.  We are excited to open up these renovated courts so that the youth of both developments will have fresh courts to play on.

BH Court 2.JPG
BH Court 1.JPG
GG Court.JPG

Baker Homes Court

GG Court 2.JPG

Glover Gardens Court

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