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The Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority will often be contracting out work and looking for companies to submit bids.  If you think you would like to submit a bid to us on one of our current contracting opportunities please download the file and email or mail us back a completed bid.  All companies must meet the insurance requirements and follow all HUD contract terms, which are detailed in each bid package.  If you have any questions you can call the main office at (716) 823-2551.  We encourage any and all Minority and Women Owned Business to submit bids for any of our contracting opportunities.

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Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority Legal Services


Legal Services:

Day to Day/Routine Legal Matters:  Have particular expertise in and prepare opinions, resolutions, and reports at the request of the Board of Commissioners or Executive Director or their designee(s) in;  Matters of a commercial and business nature, matters in the housing industry and real estate laws of New York, matters pertaining to federal, regulatory or local statutes.  Undertake such legal research as shall be requested by the Board of Commissioners or the Executive Director or their designee.  Represent the Authority in connection with matters before the legislature, Board of Commissioners and other agencies.  Represent the Authority in litigation matters.  Review contracts, leases, bid invitations and other documents for work if requested.  Attend regular and special meetings of the Board of Commissioners and provide opinion and advice at such meetings.  At the direction of the Executive Director, give notice to and consult with the Authority’s Insurance Carriers on all occasions where the interests of the Authority are involved.

Employee Legal Matters:  Provide legal assistance and advice during any negotiations with the Authority’s unions.  Matters relating to personnel rules, regulations and procedures.  Handle employee grievance procedures.  Consultation and advice pertaining to Civil Service Law.


LMHA Court/Eviction Procedures:  Represent and appear for the Authority in all tenant evictions procedures on lease violations and/or collection of rent.  Meet with the Authority before court to familiarize self with any lease violation case.  Sign all court orders.


Request for Proposal packets may be picked up at the Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority main office located at 135 Odell Street, Lackawanna, NY 14218, or they can be downloaded by clicking this link.


Will be received by Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority located at 135 Odell Street, Lackawanna, NY 14218, UNTIL THREE O’CLOCK P.M. LOCAL TIME ON JUNE 9th, 2020.


Any questions on this proposal should be referred to:  Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority – Mark Kuwik, 716-823-2551,


The Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority encourages and all minority owned and women owned firms to submit their proposals for this Legal Services contract.



The work to be performed under this Contract is on a project assisted under a program providing direct Federal Financial Assistance from HUD and is subject to the requirements of Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968, as amended, 12 U.S.C., 1701u.


The Lackawanna Municipal is accepting bids on the annual audit as well.  All bids must be submitted to the Main Office no later than 2:00PM on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020.  The Audit package may be downloaded by clicking this link.

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